HP ProLiant DL60 Gen9 Parts

SAS Hot Plug LFF (3.5-inch) Enterprise (ENT) Drives
SAS Hot Plug LFF (3.5-inch) Midline (MDL) Drives
SATA Hot Plug LFF (3.5-inch) Midline (MDL) Drives
SATA Non-Hot Plug LFF (3.5-inch) Midline (MDL) Drives
12G SAS Hot Plug LFF (3.5-inch) Enterprise Value Solid State Drives
6G SATA Hot Plug LFF (3.5-inch) Enterprise Mainstream Solid State Drives
6G SATA Hot Plug LFF Value Endurance (3.5-inch) Converter Enterprise Value G1
Solid State Drives
6G SATA Hot Plug LFF (3.5-inch) Enterprise Value Solid State Drives
6G SATA Hot Plug LFF (3.5-inch) Enterprise Light G1 Solid State Drives
6G SATA Hot Plug LFF (3.5-inch) Enterprise Boot Solid State Drives
Hard Drive Blank Kits
Disk Enclosures
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1 Gigabit Ethernet adapters
10 Gigabit Ethernet adapters
HP Ethernet 10Gb 2-port 560SFP+ Adapter
NOTE: A minimum of two Gigabytes (2 GB) of server memory is required per each adapter.
$181.00 $129.00
NOTE: Direct Attach Cable (DAC) for copper environments or fiber transceivers and cables for fiber-optic
environments must be purchased separately. See cables/options below.
FlexibleLOM Adapters
HP Ethernet 1Gb 4-port 331FLR Adapter
NOTE: Please see the QuickSpecs for Technical Specifications and additional information:http://www8.hp.com/us/en/products/iss-adapters/index.html#!page=1&view=grid.
$90.00 $72.00
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HP InfiniBand FDR/Ethernet 10Gb/40Gb 2-port 544+QSFP Adapter
NOTE: Please see the QuickSpecs for additional information:http://www8.hp.com/h20195/v2/GetHTML.aspx?docname=c04154440.
$375.00 $298.00
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Power Supplies
HP Entry-Level Power Supplies
HP Server Redundant Power Supply Backplane Kit
NOTE: Required to be bought when 900W/800W power supply (P/N: 744689-B21) is selected.
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Cooling Options
HP DL60/120 Gen9 Redundant Fan Kit
NOTE: Includes two fans and is required to move from non redundant to redundant configurations.
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Storage Controllers
SAS Controllers
HP Smart Array Controllers
HP Smart Host Bus Adapters
HP Cable Options
NOTE: One of the above cables is required to be selected depending on the combination of chassis and storage controller. Cable option kit descriptions include the right chassis and storage controller names.
NOTE: NHP CTO server includes SATA cables required to connect drives to embedded B140i SATA controller.
Optional Upgrades
HP 96W Smart Storage Battery with 145mm Cable for DL/ML/SL Servers
NOTE: This option is mandatorily required with HP Smart Array controllers. One server can accommodate only 1 Smart Storage Battery that would suffice the requirement of all HP Smart Array controllers.
$175.00 $139.00
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Tape Backup
NOTE: For the complete range of tape drives, autoloaders, libraries and media see: http://www.hp.com/go/tape. For hardware and software compatibility of HP tape backup products see: https://h20272.www2.hp.com/spock/ andhttp://www8.hp.com/us/en/products/data-storage/data-storage-solutions.html?compURI=1226240#tab=TAB4.
NOTE: For Internal drives to be connected to DL servers please make sure that you order rack mount kit as well.
Tape Drives
SAS Rack-Mount Tape Solutions
HP DAT Autoloader
HP MSL2024 Tape Library
HP MSL4048 Tape Library
HP StoreEver MSL6480
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Last updated: 5/28/2020

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