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PO/Credit Terms

Most customers choose to place orders through the website with a credit card (or Purchase Card). Global One Technology also welcomes Purchase Orders from Corporations, Government Agencies, Military Branches, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, and Universities. 


1. Credit Reference 

  •  Corporations: Please complete and submit our credit application.
  •  Government, Military, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, and Universities: No credit reference is required.

2. Any item(s) ordered with a PO must be delivered to the institution's place of business. Global One Technology will not ship a PO to a residential address.

3. If you need a copy of our completed W-9 form, that can be printed here.

4. If you wish to place an order using a PO, please Fax the PO documentation to 1-866-921-1032 or e-mail to sales@globalonetechnology.com. 

Important: Please make sure to include your contact email address on the Purchase Order.

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