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HP ProLiant BL460c Gen9 Processors

E5-2600 v3 series Processors
HP BL460c Gen9 Intel® Xeon® E5-2699v3 (2.3GHz/18-core/45MB/145W) Processor Kit
NOTE: DIMM slots 4 and 5 are not accessible when either the E5-2699 v3, the E5-2697 v3, the E5-2643 v3, the E5-2637 v3, or the E5-2667 v3 is used. In a 2 processor configuration, there are twelve (12) total available DIMM slots.
$1,662.00 $1,233.00
NOTE: For the maximum supported memory speeds for each processor listed above, please reference the 'Memory Speed by Processor Model' table in the Memory section of the QuickSpecs.
NOTE: HT indicates that the processor model supports Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology.
NOTE: Turbo indicates the maximum potential frequency when using Intel® Turbo Boost Technology.  The frequency boost increment is dependent on the processor SKU and the number of active cores.  In general, a higher boost increment is obtained when fewer cores are active.
NOTE: DDR4 speed is the maximum memory speed of the processor. Actual memory speed may depend on the quantity and type of DIMMs installed.
NOTE: Supports 1 or 2 processors. Mixing different processor models is not supported.
NOTE: For the Intel® C610 Chipset E5-2600 v3 Series, the letter preceding the model number indicates the Product Line (E3, E5, E7); 2600x, 2 = number of CPUs in a Node, 6 is socket/segment designation, 00 = Processor SKU, and x = L for low power SKUs.
NOTE: The BL460c Gen9 includes two I/O mezzanine expansion slots. A processor must be installed in processor slot 1 for access to the first mezzanine expansion slot (expansion slot 1). A processor must be installed in processor slot 2 for access to the second mezzanine expansion slot (expansion slot 2). 
NOTE: All processors within the server must be identical.
NOTE: All processors support Intel® Hyper-Threading and Intel® Turbo Boost Technologies except the E5-2603 v3 and E5-2609 v3.
NOTE: The letter "L" following the model number indicates denotes lower wattage.
NOTE: The processor model as well as the memory configuration determines the maximum speed memory can operate. Please see the see the "Memory" section later in this document.
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Last updated: 7/15/2020

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