What are HPE "Multi-Vendor" (MV) SSD?

Posted by HPE Storage Specialist on Sep 10, 2021

We've had some recent inquiries about HPE "multi vendor" solid state drives, so this resource is to help explain what this means.

Here is an entry from HPE's SSD Quickspecs document:

"For best access to SATA SSDs, HPE has enhanced its extensive SSD portfolio with a multi-vendor offering that allows for shorter lead times to immediately available supply and extended SKU lifecycles on preferably priced HPE certified SATA SSDs, ensuring the SSDs included in the multi-vendor options deliver the minimum performance published or better.

HPE’s multi-vendor SSD offering helps customers simplify their purchasing decisions by providing immediate availability, preferable pricing and SKU longevity on HPE certified SSDs.

HPE multi-vendor portfolio utilizes specific vendor SSDs which are HPE qualified and released as single sourced SATA SSD SKUs and are bundled into a multi-sourced SKU per capacity. 

Identified by Multi Vendor (MV) in the SKU description, these multivendor SKUs provide the shortest lead time of SATA SSDs, preferable pricing to single sourced SKUs and are assured to meet or exceed the minimum performance specifications and power requirements published in this HPE QuickSpecs document per capacity SKU number."

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions, or to get guidance on which SSD is appropriate for your server or storage unit.