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BF0728A4BA HP 72.8 GB ULTRA320 SCSI 15K RPM Universal Hot Plug Hard Drive (HP Option #: 286778-B22) - Refurbished

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Condition: Refurbished
Warranty: 5 Year Replacement Warranty
SKU# BF0728A4BA_refurb
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Product Information


HP 72.8 GB ULTRA320 SCSI 15K RPM Universal Hot Plug Hard Drive

Option Part #: 286778-B22
Spare Part #: 289243-001

Model #: BF0728A4BA
Assembly Part #: 356914-008

* Please note that this model BF0728A4BA is aggregated under HP option # 286778-B22 and HP spare # 289243-001, 404713-001. HP models that are acceptable substitutes include the following: BF07284961, BF07285A36, BF072863B6, BF072863BA, BF0728683C, BF07287B55, BF07288285, BF07288576, BF07289BC4, BF0728A4B2, BF0728A4B2, BF0728A4CB, BF0728A4CB, BF0728B26A, BF0729A523, 286774-006, 306641-003, 306645-003, 321499-002, 321499-005, 321499-005, 356914-002, 356914-008, 360209-004, 360209-010, 360209-010, 360209-013, 365699-002, 365699-008, 412751-014, 443188-001. These are 100% identical to the product shown above.
Compatible with: BL20p G1/G2/G3, BL25p, BL40p, BL45p G1, BL60p, CL1850, CL380, DL360 G1/G2/G3/G4/G4p, DL380 G1/G2/G3/G4, DL385 G1, DL560, DL580 G1/G2/G3, DL585 G1, DL590, DL740, DL760 G1/G2, ML310 G1/G2/G3, ML330 G2/G3, ML350 G1/G2/G3/G4/G4p, ML370 G1/G2/G3/G4, ML530 G1/G2, ML570 G1/G2/G3, ML750, and possibly others. Contact us via Live Chat if you have any questions about compatibility.
Technical Specifications:
  • Hard Drive Capacity: 72.8GB
  • Generation: Ultra320
  • Data Transfer Rate: 320 MB/sec
  • Rotational Speed: 15,000 rpm
  • Form Factor (Drive): 3.5-inch low profile
  • Interface: Wide Ultra 320 SCSI; LVD
  • Data Storage Device Type: SAS (Server Attached Storage) device
  • Hard Drive Device Type: Hard drive for server/storage unit (Hot-plug)
  • Height: 1 inch
  • Pin Configuration: 80 pin Hot Swappable/ Pluggable
  • Hotswap Tray: Included (Attached)

Last Updated: 3/25/2015

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