HP ProLiant ML350 G4 Parts

NOTE: The HP ProLiant ML350 G4 requires interleaved memory configurations when more than one DIMM is installed. Base models ship standard with a single DIMM. To upgrade system memory, DIMMs must be installed in identical pairs.
NOTE: Each SDRAM Memory kit contains one (1) DIMM.
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Ultra320 SCSI – Universal Hot Plug
36.4-GB 10,000 rpm U320 Universal Hard Drive (1")
18.2-GB 15,000 rpm U320 Universal Hard Drive (1")
Ultra 320 SCSI - Universal Non-Hot Plug
NOTE: Please see the Wide Ultra320 Universal Hot Plug QuickSpecs for additional technical information on the hard drives Support details, please see the following:
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Storage Controllers
128MB Battery-Backed Cache Enabler
NOTE: This 128MB BBWC supports the Smart Array 641 Controller and Smart Array 642 Controller.
$88.00 $65.00
NOTE: Please see the following Controller or SCSI Adapter QuickSpecs for Technical Specifications such as PCI Bus, PCI Peak Data Transfer Rate, SCSI Protocols supported, SCSI Peak Data Transfer Rate, Channels, SCSI Ports, Drives supported, Cache, RAID sup
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NOTE: A minimum of 1 GB of memory per port is required for NC370x adapters, with a maximum of two NC370x ports permitted in a server.
NOTE: NC61XX, NC71XX, NC77XX, or NC1020 network adapter (NIC) can be used for redundancy with the embedded NC7761 NIC. When either the embedded NC7761 or the NC1020 is teamed with other HP Ethernet adapters, Jumbo Frames and LSO features are automatically
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Last updated: 5/3/2019

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