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HP ProLiant DL785 G6 Hard Drives

SAS Hot Plug 2.5" SFF Enterprise (ENT) Drives
6G 15K Drives
6G 10K Drives
3G 15K Drives
3G 10K Drives
HP 36GB 3G SAS 10K 2.5" SFF Single Port Hard Drive
NOTE: Please see the SAS Hard Drive QuickSpecs for Technical Specifications such as capacity, height, width, interface, transfer rate, seek time, physical configuration, and operating temperature:
SAS Hot Plug 2.5" SFF Midline (MDL) Drives
NOTE: Please see the QuickSpecs for Technical Specifications and additional information:
NOTE: The components of a storage subsystem (e.g. the drive, the HBA/controller, firmware, and the server backplane) should operate at the same data transfer rate or the system bandwidth will be negotiated down to an acceptable level for all components.
NOTE: All the internal drives in HP ProLiant DL785 G6 will operate at a maximum data transfer rate of 3Gb/s.
NOTE: Up to 16 disks in position 1-16 are supported if the HP SAS Expander and P410 Controller is used.
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Last updated: 7/23/2015

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