HP ProLiant DL580 G5 Memory

The HP ProLiant DL580 G5 (Generation 5) server comes standard with 4GB and supports up to 128GB of PC2-5300 (DDR2-667) memory, or 256GB with a memory expansion board kit. This maximum configuration is achieved by populating all 16 (or 32) slots with 8GB DIMMs. Global One Technology offers a 64GB kit, and it would take two of these kits (or four with the expansion kit installed) to max out the memory on your DL580 G5 server. The complete list of DL580 G5 memory options is shown below. Contact us via Live Chat with with questions.

DL580 G5 PC2-5300 Memory
Memory Board Upgrade Option
DL580 G5 memory expansion boards option
NOTE: This option consists of 4 memory expansion boards with 4 DIMM sockets each for a total of 16 additional DIMM sockets. This brings the DL580G5 to a total of 32 DIMM sockets.
$302.00 $240.00
NOTE: Memory Option Kits include Low Power DIMMs. For more information on ProLiant Energy Efficient Features, please visit:
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Last updated: 9/18/2019

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