HP ProLiant DL360e Gen8 Storage Controllers

SAS Controllers
Smart Array P222 Controller
$140.00 $113.00
Smart Array P420 Controller
Smart Array P421 Controller
Smart Array P822 Controller
$370.00 $298.00
Optional Upgrades
HP 512MB B-series 36 inch Dynamic Smart Array Flash Backed Write Cache for ML/DL
NOTE: This kit includes a cable and cache module that is used in conjunction with the B320i and B120i controller.
$107.00 $86.00
HP 1U Gen8 Smart Array Cable Kit
NOTE: This cable kit is required when using the P222, P420, P822 Smart Array controllers, and H222, H220 HBAs. 
NOTE: If P420 is installed in Slot 1 of 8SFF model, this cable is not required.
$209.00 $188.00
HP Gen8 2-port SATA Cable Kit
NOTE: Required for 6SFF configurations with B120i
Out of stock
Host Bus Adapter
HP H220 Host Bus Adapter
NOTE: Supported on SFF models only.
$140.00 $113.00
HP H221 Host Bus Adapter
NOTE: This is a 2 x4 External Port HBA.
$399.00 $308.00
HP H222 Host Bus Adapter
NOTE: Supported on LFF models only.
NOTE: Please see the QuickSpecs for Technical Specifications and additional information:
(HBA 220)
(HBA 221)
(HBA 222)
$390.00 $350.00
HP SC11Xe Ultra320 Single Channel/ PCIe x4 SCSI Host Bus Adapter
NOTE: Please see the following QuickSpecs for additional information:
(SC11Xe HBA)
$257.00 $190.00
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Last updated: 8/30/2018

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