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What memory is compatible with DL360 Gen10 servers?

Posted by HPE Memory Specialist on Feb 05, 2022

We are frequently asked for guidance in selecting memory for HPE servers, and have recently had several inquires about upgrading DL360 Gen10 memory, specifically.CPU GenerationFirst you'll n … read more

What are HPE "Multi-Vendor" (MV) SSD?

Posted by HPE Storage Specialist on Sep 10, 2021

We've had some recent inquiries about HPE "multi vendor" solid state drives, so this resource is to help explain what this means.Here is an entry from HPE's SSD Quickspecs document:"For best acce … read more

What is maximum memory for DL380 Gen10 servers?

Posted by HPE Memory Specialist on Mar 07, 2021

We've had several customers inquire recently about maximum memory for ProLiant DL380 Gen10 servers.The answer depends on a few other variables. These servers come with 12 slots for each CPU … read more

Which HP SAS Hard Drive do I need?

Posted by HPE Storage Specialist on Aug 18, 2015

From time to time, a customer will need guidance about which type of HP hotplug SAS drive is appropriate for their server or storage unit. There are several ways to determine the correct drive typ … read more