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This will be a place for Global One Technology to post the details of attempted corporate identity theft scams.

Other U.S. businesses can feel free to make similar submissions in the comments. Please include the email address that the perpetrator used, along with the text of the message.


8/2/2019 from

Hello Sales,

Albert ST Medical Centre will like to set up an open trading credit
account with your company in order to establish a long term business
relationship with you and purchase any of these Items on a regular

Please kindly confirm your stock / vendor availability on any of these
below items.

1.HPE – 1.8TB – SAS 12Gb/S – 10K – HDD 2.5″

2.HPE 8TB SAS 7.2k LLF SC 512e ds HDD 2.5″

3.LENOVO 6TB 7.2K 12G 2.5 SATA HDD

Please send us your best price and send your quotation including 5-7
days lead time delivery to your location,we will arrange for pick up
from you.

Note: In addition to the above,Our Institution standard Payment terms
is Net 30 Days from the date of supply and the supplier’s Invoice.

Best Regards,
Adam Cole

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