Fraud Alert:

Warning merchants: more fraudulent activity…

The email address used:

The address that the perpetrator is using to forward the goods:

John Rum
3580 W Temple Ave
pomona, California, 91768
United States

If you receive an order that looks like the above, DO NOT SHIP.

5 thoughts on “Fraud Alert:

  1. Merchant warning: Fraud activity for “John Rumfield” – email:

    “John Rumfield” Tried to place phone order for ink/toner. Gave one billing address and another for shipping. Confirmed address for shipping is actually a “Shippingexpress4U” – we declined to place order.

    John Rumford
    505 S. Vermont Ave
    Los Angeles CA 90020

    • They are now also using the name and address:

      Eric Russell
      Russtoy Inc
      920 W 2nd St
      Lakeland FL 33805

      This is an address for NAVIS pack & ship. Russtoy is located in CA. This is the 3rd order we have gotten for these people in the past week. All different billing address with different shipping addresses. John Rumfield being one of them.

      The phone numbers that are being provided are for NonFixedVOIP

  2. This company is purchasing with fraud credit cards in California. They pay a trucking company to pick us the merchandise ASAP and ship it to:
    Navis Pack & Ship
    920 W 2nd St
    Lakeland FL 33805
    It gets repacked and shipped to
    AB Group Shipping Corp
    Miami Warehouse
    6160 NW 74 Ave – Miami, FL 33166
    Phone: (305) 635 2525 [Ext. 1013] – Fax: (305) 471 5934
    That is where it is being put in a container and being shipped overseas.
    I have contacted all shipping companies and trucking companies to be aware. So far they have been a huge help in finding our merchandise. Hopefully these people get caught.

  3. Here’s another one:

    John Salim
    5652 Commerce Drive, suite 2
    Orlando, Florida, 32839
    United States
    T: 2132953115

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